Wednesday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM 

Thursday     1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Friday           9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Saturday      9:00 AM – 1:00 PM           (three Saturday’s per month)

The archives are open by appointment and we  require two business days advance notice so we can have your information ready for you!





long distance research requests


The archives will answer requests for information free of charge for the first 20 minutes of research time. A charge of $30.00 per hour will apply for time spent in excess of 20 minutes.

Requests for information will be responded to as quickly as staff time permits. Please allow 14 to 21 days response time.






PLANNING A VISIT to the Archives


  • Please call ahead to book a date and time to visit the archives.
  • Please note that personal belongings including briefcases, oversize purses, backpacks, etc. must be left with the museum’s receptionist. 
  • Small purses, research notes, personal computers, and personal dictation or recording machines may be taken into the research area. 
  • In special circumstances, cameras may be used to copy documents, but only if prior arrangements have been made. Please consult with the Archivist for details.
  • For preservation reasons, the use of digital scanners is prohibited. 
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited in the research area. This includes chewing gum and candy.


  • Access over 450 local history topics
  • Individual, family, organization, and government records
  • Okanagan Nation and Syilx records
  • Topographical maps and property assessments






obtaining copies of archival material


You can obtain copies of most archival material in our collections. The Vernon Museum’s archives can provide one copy of material in our holdings for research and private study when no restrictions apply. However, any further copying or use of the material (for example publication) is subject to the restrictions imposed by the Copyright Act.

Because of the unique nature of our records we do not allow researchers to do their own reproductions from original documents. Archives staff will do this copying on your behalf.

Be aware that some records may not be immediately available for your use. Access to records may be restricted for the following reasons:

  • Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia. 
  • Restrictions placed on a collection by the donor.
  • The records are too fragile or damaged to be handled or copied.


archival services & fees


Environmental Research (Professional):

Environmental Research companies will be charged a fee of $30.00 for the use of our archival resources plus any charges incurred through photocopying or image reproduction.

Encapsulation of Private Documents:
The encapsulation of documents in Mylar for the purposes of preservation can be requested. The fee for this service is .75 per united inch (length plus width).

Archival Supplies:
Acid Free Tissue: 24×36 – $1.50 per sheet 
Acid Free Envelopes: Letter – $1.50 each 
Acid Free Envelopes: Legal – $1.75 each 
Acid Free File Folders: Legal – $1.75 each 

Photocopy Charges:

Information files (including newspapers): Self copied. 
*Letter or legal size: $0.25 a copy
11 x 17: $0.50 a copy
*Students: $0.10 a copy 

Copies from original documents: Staff copied. 
Letter or legal size: $0.50 a copy
11 x 17: $1.00 a copy

All colour copies: Staff copied. 
Letter or legal size: $1.00 a copy
11 x 17: $1.50 a copy

Note: Membership in the Greater Vernon Museum & Archives entitles you to 15% off fees for archival services and digital photos. Click Here for information on membership. 





Copies of Photographs (high quality laser prints):
Black & white and colour photographic image reproductions from the archives’ photograph database are available at the following prices:

Regular Paper:
Up to 8.5 x 11 b&w      $3.00 each 
​Up to 8.5 x 11 colour   $5.00 each

Photo Paper:
Up to 8.5 x 11 b&w      $6.00 each
Up to 8.5 x 11 colour   $8.00 each

Copies of Photographs (Digital):
Images from our photograph database will be sent to you via email. Images are scanned at 300 dpi in a j-peg format unless otherwise requested. Delivery: up to 1 week.
Digital 300dpi image (j-peg format) via e-mail, memory stick: $15.00 per image.
High resolution images are cost plus 50%.

Publication and Commercial Fees:
In addition to any print or digital costs, a publication fee will be imposed for each image used for commercial purposes, based on the following rates:
$10.00 – Brochure, newsletter.
$30.00 – Books.
$50.00 – Magazines, calendars, websites, t-shirts, mugs etc.
$100.00 – Film/Video.
Costs for interior or exterior display panels for a commercial establishment (restaurant) are $30.00 inclusive.


Mail-Out Charges:
A minimum charge of $5.00 for shipping and handling will be applied to all requests requiring mailing. This will increase accordingly if postage charges exceed this amount.


Greater Vernon Museum & Archives is located on the Ancestral, Traditional and Unceded Territory of the Okanagan Nation and the Syilx People.