(C) Forestation Board Game



Forestation is an action-space strategy game for ages 10 and up that has players create and sustain a forest teeming with flora and fauna. But look out! – poachers and illegal loggers are common visitors eager to hunt your animals and cut down your trees. Try to achieve a balance in your ecosystem where predators need to eat prey, prey need trees, and fish need rivers to survive. Forestation’s realistic illustrations and amazing game-play will make you want to create the best forest possible to save wildlife from extinction! Forestation is intended for nature-lovers looking for a strategic challenge.

Forestation is based on your workers, taking actions to build a forest. You may raise funds, purchase land, buy seeds, plant trees, and choose from a host of other options to help build your forest. In the mean time, animals migrate into your forest and breed, and predators eat prey. The game ends after 4 game-years and at this time each player will have created a forest full of animals in front of them. Each forest is scored according to size and diversity to see who wins the game.