(C) Growing up in the Okanagan



There are really two histories in this autobiography. The first is about an English couple with a four-year-old son who emigrated to the Okanagan leaving an England depressed and shattered after six years of war. Arriving in a new land with new opportunities they suffered initial hardships as they adapted to the economy of a country dependent on primary industry. Step by step their hardships were overcome, leading to steady employment and home ownership beside one of the continent’s most beautiful lakes.The second story, intertwined with the first, is that of the son, who did all the usual childhood things and was blessed with a father who ensured that his boys always had a boat available once they moved to the lake. Providing them with a large barrel of gasoline, he also gave them the freedom to explore the beautiful lake. But his gift wasn’t free – work had to be done. Work to buy the model aircraft and books and Christmas gifts for family members. Work improving their home. Experiences that taught them a work ethic that eventually led to successful careers.