Greater Vernon Cultural Centre

The Greater Vernon Cultural Centre will be a dynamic cultural hub for the region, co-locating three important venues: the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Greater Vernon Museum, and an intimate presentation and event space. It will also create a new experience, the cultural commons, a shared social forum where visitors can start their journey or connect with friends and neighbours.

The Cultural Centre will provide the foundation for bringing together our region’s many communities and territories. It will energize our downtown with live performances, and public gatherings, and will attract world-class exhibitions. The many people and activities that will animate the Cultural Centre will flow indoors and out, activating the site and building throughout all four seasons.

Most importantly, the Centre will be the catalyst for the transformation of our community’s continually growing potential. It will promote a local pride of place, and stimulate urban revitalization by inspiring all peoples to live, work, and play downtown. For more information and to donate, please click here


The Greater Vernon Cultural Centre is an Okanagan landmark that promotes arts and heritage, brings our many communities together, and is an active heart for downtown and beyond.

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