Animal Tracks and Signs of the Northwest



Welcome to the secret world of tracks, signs and the animals that made them. Signs of the who, what and where of wildlife are all around us, even when their makers are too shy to come closer. This new guide holds the key to identifying the trails of the wild creatures who share our environment. All we have to do is take the time to observe and interpret the signs. The book features nearly 50 species, with photos of tracks, scat and other signs, as well as drawings of tracks, track patterns, distribution maps and interesting details on the appearance, habitat and behavior of each species. Information on 20 additional species is also included to help identify other species in the area and to distinguish one animal from another. There is even a ruler on the back cover.

Tracking is detective work—fun, stimulating and very inspiring for anyone who is ready to “meet” the animals that share our landscape by studying the fascinating clues they leave behind.